Asset Tracking & Physical Inventory

Keep track of assets throughout your operations to prevent asset loss and simplify inventory

With your assets moving through various locations and vendors, keeping tracking of them can be difficult, often resulting in lost equipment and costly replacements. With CERDAAC’s Asset Tracking solution, you can easily scan your assets and track them within the system.

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CERDAAC Software Asset Tracker Solution

Asset Tracking Benefits

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Track Assets Through the Supply Chain

Easily track asset location, service status, availability, downtime, and more to optimize asset use and improve asset economic performance.

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Prevent Asset Loss

Quickly scan assets and verify their correct location, owner, and service status to avoid replacing misplaced equipment.

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Optimize Asset Use

Analyze asset downtime to identify idle or underutilized assets in the system in order to minimize bottlenecks and avoid asset loss/replacement.

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Reduce Inventory Costs

Use barcode scanning to simplify physical inventory tasks, reduce human error, and save hundreds of hours on manual data entry.

“CERDAAC gives us efficient tool tracking with complete global visibility into which tools need servicing, and when they are due.”

Lisa Reid
Senior Quality Engineering Aid & Calibration Administrator
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