Instrument Repair Services

A trusted instrument repair provider since 1962, SIMCO offers high-quality repair services for a broad range of electrical and mechanical test and measurement instruments from many manufacturers. Because SIMCO is an independent repair provider with integrated calibration and software services, SIMCO Repair Services can provide your organization with many important benefits:

Benefits of SIMCO Instrument Repair

  • SIMCO Repair Services is a one-stop-shop for all of your repair needs.
  • High-quality repair services for a broad range of instruments from hundreds of manufacturers.
  • We evaluate each case and find the fastest, most cost-effective repair solution the customer, including repair by SIMCO, repair by the manufacturer, or equipment replacement.
  • We then manage the complete repair process to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible
  • Because of SIMCO’s lower overhead and prices, you’ll obtain significant savings using SIMCO Repair Services instead of using the manufacturer’s repair service.
  • And while some manufacturers will not repair older equipment because they’d rather sell new models, SIMCO will repair any instrument, extending its life and reducing your capital equipment expenses.
  • SIMCO also helps lower your administrative costs by providing all repair management and services, including free local pickup and delivery.
  • SIMCO can often perform equipment repairs in less time than the manufacturers, significantly increasing the uptime of your equipment.
  • If you use SIMCO calibration services, equipment found to be out-of-tolerance during calibration can quickly be repaired, calibrated, and returned to service.
  • SIMCO’s CERDAAC software improves compliance efforts by recording all repair information for future compliance audits.
  • CERDAAC also manages assets, facilities, calibration, ESD, and maintenance programs, providing you with an advanced, integrated compliance solution.
  • Many minor repairs can be quickly performed at any of SIMCO’s laboratories
  • Major repairs are performed at one of SIMCO’s Repair Centers of Excellence in Silicon Valley and Washington DC.
  • In these Repair Centers, our expert repair technicians perform thorough evaluations, utilize our extensive parts inventory, and perform fast, low-cost, high-quality repairs.
  • SIMCO Repair Services can also help you create a “harvest program” by creating quality calibrated instruments from your pool of broken equipment.
  • This lowers your need to purchase new equipment, saves storage space, and reduces the need for equipment disposal.

It’s easy to work with SIMCO Repair Services for many reasons:

  • Our flat rate pricing for many repairs makes it easier for you to make repair decisions.
  • Your actual repair cost will be lower than the flat rate if our evaluation determines it’s an easier than normal fix.
  • For repairs with no flat rate price, our low evaluation fees are applied to the repair cost.
  • You can also pre-authorize SIMCO to automatically make minor repairs and speed the repair process even further.
  • All SIMCO labs provide free local pickup and delivery.

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